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Undeniable death

Every living being will die one day. That is the truth. No one can regret this. There is no escape from it. This death may come at any ages of living being. There is nothing we can do against it. It is really so much hard to face it.  It is the hardest challenge for human being to overcome this.Death takes our friends, family, colleagues,and neighbors from our life to that world from where no one can return.Though we know that death is natural, but still we can’t accept the loss and it can create lone period depression and sadness. This called grief which could be more intense.But this intensity goes away with the time.

But everyone’s reaction is not same to death. They also use their own mechanism to come out from this grief.People can easily recover from this loss with social support and healthy habits. There is no specific time period to get recover from the grief. It could be month or year. It varies person to person. This depends on how your relations with the deceased were. If you are close to the deceased and your relation with him/her it will be hard and will take so much time recovering from this loss. On the other hand if your relation were difficult it will be easy for you to recover from the grief. But the grieving for a deceased family member won’t go that easy.However the relation was with the deceased after all he or she was your family member.It may last longer than the others.

Sometime it could get worse that people are unable to get out from the grief. In that case they should see a psychologist or mental health professional to help you out from this grief of loss.

Though it is not easy to recover from the loss but there is something you can do to recover from it. There are some ways are stated below-

  • Take care of your family and yourself: You can take care yourself and your family by eating healthy food regularly, exercising, take plenty of rest each and every day and move forward.
  • Accept: You should try to accept what are feeling due to loss of someone close. You might feel anger, sadness, frustration, exhaustion and all other kind of emotion. Accept it.
  • Talk about the deceased: Try to talk about the death of your loved one with your friends, family. It will help you to accept the reality.
  • Help the others: Try to reach out the other who are facing that kind of loss and help them to get over it.
  • Psychologist: You can also take the help of psychologist if you are unable to recover from the loss. Psychologists are trained person who can help you to get over it.
  • Return to your favorite work: Try to engage in those works you like to do. This will to divert your focus from your pain and sadness to your work and your life will be normal as usual.


Death is undeniable and will come to everyone. Try to accept the fact and it will be easy for you to recover.